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2024 Utah Blitz Championship

July 13 All day

2024 Utah Blitz Championship

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Warnock Engineering Building (“WEB”)

University of Utah

72 Central Campus Drive 

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

7-Round Double Swiss – TWO Sections: Open & U1200

Blitz rules apply. (See Chapter 11 of the U.S. Chess Federation’s Official

Rules of Chess, 7th edition, which can be viewed on-line; See:


(Applicable rating is USCF Blitz rating per July 2024 rating supplement.)

For players who do not have a USCF Blitz rating, the Regular rating or Quick rating will be used instead.

Prizes (based on 30 paid entries each section): Cash awards will be shared equally in case of tied placements. Title of Utah Blitz Champion will be awarded to highest-place Utah resident. 

Open: 1st $100,  2nd $75,  Class A (1800-1999) 1st $50,  Class B (1600-1799) 1st $50,  Class C (1400-1599) 1st $50,  Class D (1200-1399) 1st $50

U1200: 1st $100,  2nd $75,  Class F (800-999) 1st $50,  Class G (600-799) 1st $50,  Class H (400-599) 1st $50, Class I/J (100-399) 1st $50       

Entry Fee:  $20 if registered and paid by Friday, July 12 (at www.utahchess.com), $30 onsite. 

Format and Time Control: 7 double rounds, Swiss-system pairings (no eliminations). 

  Both Sections, all rounds: G/3, +2.  (Blitz-rated)

Players are responsible for supplying equipment (pieces, board and clock) and for knowing how to set clocks. (USCF Rule 16B)

Schedule: (Both Sections) First round at 1:30 pm, others to follow immediately after.

Byes: Half-point byes – Two (2) half-point bye may be taken but must be requested prior to pairing of Rd 2. All bye requests are irrevocable after that time.  (See USCF Rule 22C, especially Rule 22C4.)  Additional byes (i.e., more than two per player) will be zero-point byes.

Advance Registration: Option 1: Register online via link at utahchess.com.

Onsite Registration: Onsite registration for both sections will be from 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm. Players arriving after the onsite registration time closes, who have not registered and paid in advance will be given a half-point bye for round one and paired for round two (when that round is paired for all players in the section) or paired for round one at TD’s discretion.

If a player has a claim to two (or more) prizes, cash prizes shall be awarded in accordance with USCF Rule 32B. 

Questions? Send an email to utchess@gmail.com.